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How To Start Your Online Business with No Money and No Investment



- If you have an online shop we offer you a TOTALLY FREE opportunity to sell Difresh Products.

- If you want to open a new Difresh Shop we help you TOTALLY FREE. You only need to decide who makes you the shop and start selling Difresh Products.

- If you are an Ebay and Amazon seller, you can add our Difresh products to your Catalogue. We support you TOTALLY FREE.

- If you are an Internet Shops Builder Company that offers DropShipping opportunities to all your clients, you can add our DIFRESH FACTORY to your existing DropShippers providers database and you can offer  our Service to all your existing and new Clients TOTALLY FREE.


TO BECOME A NEW OFFICIAL DIFRESH RESELLER you need only to fill the application form that you find into our Macro Store for resellers (for a safe identity access you need to apply registration only with your facebook account. if you don´t have one you can open a new one in few minutes) and you will receive an automatically reply with a letter introducing the Difresh DropShipping Service and a link where you have to download into your computer the Folder with inside all materials that you need to start (you will find inside: Price list, benefits, reseller you will find: prices, pictures of the products, description of the products, List of our Worldwide Macro Stores (a macro store is the shop where you buy products at factory price and where you also give us the address of your client to ship directly to him) and list of Support Managers that can help you in every moment if you have some question or something that you need to ask.)

Depending of the country where you live you can choose between 2 Macro-Stores in English Language:

First Store is to buy in U.S. dollars - every country in the world (Except European Community Countries). (PRICES WITHOUT VAT)

Second Store is to buy in Euros - exclusive for European Community Countries. (PRICES INCLUDING VAT, OBBLIGATORY FOR SALES INSIDE EUROPE)









If you are not familiar with the DropShipping Business please read our following questions and answers to discover the Difresh DropShipping Business Opportunity.

Remember that work into Dropshipping with Difresh Factory Products is TOTALLY FREE and we guarantee you MAXIMUM PROFITS  on every sale.

“Adding Difresh products to your existing online store is Totally Free and will give your shop the advantage of having highly desired products that are not sold anywhere else”




What is the DropShipping?
DropShipping is a service where the Wholesaler (Our Difresh Factory) ships the goods directly to your final customer, without passing through the retailer.

Is it necessary to have stock?
This is a new type of business that allows our distributors to sell without having stock, you need only to sell and receive money from your clients because our Difresh Factory will be responsible for storing and shipment.

Who handles the shipment of the package?
Difresh Factory is more than a Wholesaler because it manages and saves all logistic processes to its distributors: 
1.- Difresh stores the stock.
2.- Difresh receives your order. (After you receive payment from your client.
3.- Difresh prepares the packages.
4.- Difresh coordinates the delivery to your final customer with the transport courier
5.- Difresh offers our distributors you) the tracking number and the status of the order  in real time, to help your client  track the package if necessary. You can email your client the tracking information the same day that we ship the pack order. (we normally ship in 1 or 2 business days).

What is anonymous shipping?
Our Company will not include any type of publicity or labeling of our Factory in the packaging of these products. Therefore your Client will not know the origin of the goods. Orders are shipped in a confidential box and arrive to your client quickly.


dropshipping profits


What is the profit margin for the distributor?
Your profit margin is calculated between the Retail Price (price that you offer in your online shop) and your purchasing cost (price that you pay to our factory). Your profits will be between 15 to 80% depending on the articles offered. However, the profit margin will depend on the Retail Price that the distributors set on their websites or their other channels of distribution. When you receive our products price list we establish a Minimum and a Maximum retail price. So you can adjust your profit according to these limits.
Example in euros or dollars: your cost for a product is 20 euros / dollars (price paid to our Factory) and the Minimum and Maximum Retail price is from 25 to 29 euros / dollars. This means that you can adjust your profit a minimum of 5 euros / dollars and a maximum of 9 euros / dollars per product sold. This also means that you cannot resell for less than 25 (for example 23) or more than 29 (for example 31). So your profit will be adjusted by you but always inside the minimum and maximum retail price set by our Difresh Factory.

What is the Minimum product price offer?
All products that the Difresh Factory offers to you must be sold to your final client at a price that must not be less than the minimum retail price from the product list we provide you with We set a minimum retail price for every product to guarantee the minimum to maximum profit to all distributors.

What is the Maximum product price offer?
The Maximum price offer is the maximum retail price the final consumer will pay. When you receive our “products price list” we establish a Minimum and a Maximum retail price. So you can adjust your price respecting these limits.

What is the Distributors purchasing price?
When you finally become a Distributor of Difresh Products we will email you a document with all product descriptions, your purchasing price and the minimum and maximum retail price to be offered in your shop. (Your purchasing price includes: product, packaging and shipment door to door directly to your client to any destination in the world).

Want to be a distributor?

EASY. Just visit one of our MACRO SHOPS and fill the online application form and you will receive by email all documents needed to start your business.



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"Read how easy it is to buy from our online shop and receive your products at home"




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